PERIQUE PEPPER SAUCE® is crafted in small batches using only blended fermented pepper mash, Louisiana cane vinegar, and lemon juice. We pride ourselves in great attention to detail.


CREOLE HANDSHAKE®  brand products are well balanced dry spices, rubs, and seasonings, with aromatic notes derived from a symphony of Caribbean spices.

LA BELLE PERÍQUE® Creole Gumbo Filé

Gumbo Filé powder is made from the leaves of the sassafras tree and was the

gift of the Choctaw Indians to Louisiana cuisine.

Our LA BELLE PERÍQUE® Creole Gumbo Filé powder is excellent for flavoring and thickening soups, stews, and gumbos – as well as Bisque, Étouffée, CREOLE POT-AU-FEU, sauces, and gravies.

For extra flavor, add several dashes of PERÍQUE PEPPER SAUCE® to the gumbo or to any other dish.


I WANT MY FARM BACK® pure herb seasonings were inspired by the farm to table movement in America. Our company is supportive of local farming, the small farmer, family farms, and organic agriculture.

I WANT MY FARM BACK® herb seasonings are entirely made of blended herbs, and are completely sodium free.

Perique Pepper Sauce & Condiment Co., LLC

At PERIQUE PEPPER SAUCE & CONDIMENT CO., LLC we strive to create the highest quality enhancers of food, matched in value by our presentation, price, people, and partners.

Our unique flavors spice up life. From our table to yours ... enjoy the tastes that inspire!


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